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About RMS Current Calculator (Formula)

RMS (root mean square) current is a measure of the effective or heating value of an alternating current (AC). The formula used to calculate RMS current is:

Irms = Pave / Vrms


Irms = RMS current (in amperes) Pave = Average power (in watts) Vrms = RMS voltage (in volts)

The formula is based on the relationship between power, voltage, and current in an AC circuit. The average power, Pave, is equal to the product of the RMS voltage, Vrms, and the RMS current, Irms.

It’s important to note that the RMS current is different from the peak current, which is the highest current that a circuit can handle. RMS current is a more accurate measure of the effective current in an AC circuit, and it is often used in electrical power systems and electrical equipment design, as well as in measuring the current in a circuit.


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