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About Ripple Current Calculator (Formula)

A Ripple Current Calculator is a tool that helps to calculate the ripple current in a DC-DC converter or other electronic circuits with an inductor. Ripple current is a type of AC current that flows through the inductor and is caused by the switching of the DC voltage source. This current can cause heating in the inductor and other components, and can also create electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the circuit.

The formula used by the Ripple Current Calculator to calculate the ripple current is:

Iripple = Vo/Vi * (Vi – Vo)/(Fs * L)

where Iripple is the ripple current in amperes (A), Vo is the output voltage in volts (V), Vi is the input voltage in volts (V), Fs is the switching frequency in Hertz (Hz), and L is the inductance in henries (H).

The formula shows that the ripple current is directly proportional to the output voltage and switching frequency, and inversely proportional to the input voltage and inductance. Therefore, a higher output voltage or switching frequency, or a lower input voltage or inductance, will result in a higher ripple current. It is important to keep the ripple current within a safe limit for the inductor and other components in the circuit.

The Ripple Current Calculator can be a useful tool for designers and engineers who need to calculate the ripple current in their circuits and ensure that it is within a safe limit. By inputting the values for the output voltage, input voltage, switching frequency, and inductance, the calculator can quickly provide the calculated ripple current value, allowing the designer to make any necessary adjustments to the circuit to ensure its proper function and reliability.

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