Resistor Temperature Coefficient Calculator


About Resistor Temperature Coefficient Calculator (Formula)

The Resistor Temperature Coefficient Calculator is a tool used to calculate the temperature coefficient of a resistor. The temperature coefficient represents the change in resistance of a resistor with respect to temperature.

The formula used in the Resistor Temperature Coefficient Calculator is as follows:

Resistor Temperature Coefficient (RTC) = ΔT / (t * R)

In this formula:

  • ΔT refers to the total temperature change in degrees Celsius (°C).
  • t represents the total time in minutes (min) over which the temperature change occurs.
  • R denotes the total resistance of the resistor in ohms (Ω).

By inputting the values of the total temperature change, total time, and total resistance into the Resistor Temperature Coefficient Calculator, users can calculate the temperature coefficient of the resistor. The temperature coefficient is typically expressed in units of degrees Celsius per ohm per minute (°C^(-1)).

This calculator is commonly used in electronics and electrical engineering to assess how the resistance of a resistor varies with changes in temperature. It aids in selecting appropriate resistors for applications where temperature changes may affect their performance.

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