Reflectance Calculator


About Reflectance Calculator (Formula)

Reflectance is a measure of the fraction of incident radiation that is reflected by a surface. The Reflectance Calculator is a tool used to calculate the reflectance of a surface based on the amount of reflected radiation and incident radiation.

The formula used to calculate reflectance is

R = (RR / IR) ^ 2

where R is the reflectance, RR is the reflected radiation, and IR is the incident radiation. This formula is derived from the ratio of the reflected radiation to the incident radiation, which is squared to obtain the reflectance.

The Reflectance Calculator allows users to input the values of reflected radiation and incident radiation and calculates the reflectance using the above formula. The result is displayed on the web page, allowing users to obtain the reflectance quickly and easily.

The Reflectance Calculator is commonly used in various fields, such as optics, materials science, and remote sensing, to determine the reflectance of surfaces. It is a useful tool for researchers, engineers, and scientists who need to measure and understand the behavior of light interacting with various materials and surfaces.

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