Race Percentage Calculator


About Race Percentage Calculator (Formula)

The Race Percentage Calculator is a tool used to calculate the percentage representation of a specific race within the total population. It helps determine the proportion of a particular race relative to the overall population.

The formula used to calculate the race percentage is as follows:

Race Percentage = (Race Population / Total Population) * 100


  • Race Percentage represents the percentage of the given race in the total population.
  • Race Population denotes the population count of the specific race.
  • Total Population refers to the population count of all races combined.

To use the Race Percentage Calculator, input the population count of the given race and the total population count of all races. After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to estimate the race percentage. The result is displayed as “Race Percentage: [value]%” with two decimal places.

By utilising the Race Percentage Calculator, researchers, demographers, and policymakers can analyse and compare the representation of different races within a population. It aids in understanding the demographic composition and distribution of races, which is essential for various studies, social planning, and policy development.

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