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About Pulley Torque Calculator (Formula)

The pulley torque calculator is a tool used to calculate the torque acting on a pulley in a belt-drive system. The formula used to calculate the pulley torque is as follows:

T = F * r / n


T = torque (Nm) F = force (N) r = drive pulley radius (m) n = efficiency of the drive-belt system (as a decimal, not a percentage)

The force acting on the pulley is equal to the tension in the belt, which is created by the sum of the loads on the driven pulley and the driving pulley. The drive pulley radius is the radius of the pulley that is being driven by the belt.

The efficiency of the drive-belt system is the ratio of the power transmitted by the belt to the power supplied to the belt, expressed as a decimal. By dividing the force by the efficiency, we account for any energy loss in the system.

The torque is a measure of the rotational force applied to the pulley. In a belt-drive system, the torque on the pulley is used to transmit power from the driving pulley to the driven pulley. The larger the torque, the greater the power that can be transmitted.

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