Proton Velocity Calculator


About Proton Velocity Calculator (Formula)

The Proton Velocity Calculator is a useful tool designed to calculate the velocity of protons based on light’s speed through matter. Protons are subatomic particles with a positive charge, found within the nucleus of an atom.

Calculating the velocity of protons using this formula:

PV = C / 10

Where PV is the proton velocity (m/s), and C is light’s speed through matter (m/s).

Light travels at a particular speed through mediums such as air, water or glass; this differs from the speed of light in vacuum which remains constant at 299,792,458 meters per second.

To use the Proton Velocity Calculator, enter your light speed through a medium in meters per second and click “Calculate.” The tool will then calculate protons’ velocity using PV = C / 100 and display your results.

This calculator can be extremely beneficial in fields such as nuclear physics, medical physics and radiation therapy where the knowledge of proton velocity is critical for various applications.

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