Proportion Calculator


About Proportion Calculator (Formula)

A Proportion Calculator is a tool used to solve proportions and find the missing values. The formula for solving a proportion is based on the concept that two ratios are equal.

The general formula for a proportion is:

A/B = C/D

To solve for the missing value, you can use the following formula:

Missing value = (Known value × Known value) / Known value

For example, if you have three known values (A, B, C) and want to find the missing value (D), you can rearrange the formula as follows:

D = (A × C) / B

It’s important to note that the proportion formula can be applied to various contexts, such as solving for unknown values in mathematical problems, scaling quantities, or comparing ratios in real-world scenarios.

By using a Proportion Calculator, you can input the known values and leave the field for the missing value blank. The calculator will then calculate and display the result, helping you solve the proportion and find the missing value accurately.

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