Power to Current Calculator


About Power to Current Calculator (Formula)

A Power to Current Calculator is a useful tool for quickly calculating the amount of current flowing through an electrical circuit, given the power and voltage values. The formula for calculating the current from power is:

Ifp = P / V


  • Ifp is the Current From Power, measured in amps (A)
  • P is the power, measured in watts (W)
  • V is the voltage, measured in volts (V)

According to Ohm’s Law, current flows through a conductor directly proportional to voltage applied, and inversely proportional to resistance. The formula is a simple expression of that law. If we know the other two variables, we can solve for any of the variables by rearranging the formula.

With the Power to Current Calculator, the user typically knows the power and voltage values and wants to calculate the current value. To obtain the current value in amps, simply plug in P and V and divide them.

A valuable tool for electricians, technicians, and engineers who need to make quick calculations in the field or the lab is the Power to Current Calculator. Students who are learning about electrical circuits and Ohm’s Law may also find it helpful, since it provides an application of those concepts. Power to Current Calculators can save users time and reduce errors in their calculations, leading to more accurate and efficient results.

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