Potassium to Creatinine Ratio Calculator


About Potassium to Creatinine Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The Potassium to Creatinine Ratio Calculator is a tool used to calculate the ratio between the amount of potassium and the amount of creatinine in a given sample. This ratio is often used in medical settings, particularly in nephrology and urology, to assess kidney function and diagnose certain kidney-related conditions.

The formula for calculating the Potassium to Creatinine Ratio (PCR) is:

PCR = (Amount of Potassium / Amount of Creatinine) * 100


  • PCR represents the potassium to creatinine ratio.
  • Amount of Potassium is the quantity of potassium measured.
  • Amount of Creatinine is the quantity of creatinine measured.

By dividing the amount of potassium by the amount of creatinine and multiplying the result by 100, the PCR is obtained. The ratio provides valuable information about the balance between potassium and creatinine levels, helping healthcare professionals evaluate kidney health and identify potential abnormalities or disorders.

Please note that the specific units of measurement for potassium and creatinine may vary depending on the testing methods used and the healthcare system in use.

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