Percent Delay Calculator


About Percent Delay Calculator (Formula)

The Percent Delay Calculator is a tool used to calculate the percentage of delay in a task or project based on the allocated time and the actual time taken to complete the task or project.

The formula for calculating the percent delay is:

Percent Delay = ((Actual Time – Allocated Time) / Allocated Time) * 100


  • Actual Time: The actual time taken to complete the task or project.
  • Allocated Time: The time that was originally allocated or planned for the task or project.

The formula works by first subtracting the allocated time from the actual time, which gives the total amount of delay. This value is then divided by the allocated time to calculate the proportion of the delay relative to the planned time. Finally, this value is multiplied by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

For example, if a project was allocated 10 hours for completion but actually took 12 hours, the percent delay would be calculated as:

Percent Delay = ((12 – 10) / 10) * 100 Percent Delay = (2 / 10) * 100 Percent Delay = 20%

This means that the project was delayed by 20% beyond the planned or allocated time.

The Percent Delay Calculator can be a useful tool for project managers and team members to monitor progress and make adjustments to the timeline if necessary. It can also help in identifying areas of the project where improvements can be made to reduce delays and improve efficiency.

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