Pellet Velocity Calculator


About Pellet Velocity Calculator (Formula)

The Pellet Velocity Calculator is a useful tool for airgun enthusiasts who want to determine the velocity of a pellet based on its weight and the muzzle energy of the airgun.

The formula used in the calculator is

PV = SQRT(ME * 450240 / PW)

Where PV is the pellet velocity in feet per second, ME is the muzzle energy in foot-pounds, and PW is the pellet weight in grains.

According to the principle of conservation of energy, the total amount of energy in a system remains constant despite being transferred from one form to another. An airgun converts compressed air into kinetic energy when it releases it to propel a pellet out of the barrel, and this energy is converted into kinetic energy. Muzzle energy is the amount of energy released at the muzzle of an airgun, and it is usually expressed in foot-pounds.

The formula for the Pellet Velocity Calculator takes into account the weight of the pellet, which affects its momentum, as well as the muzzle energy of the airgun, which determines how much kinetic energy the pellet will have when it leaves the barrel. Using the calculator, you can determine the pellet’s velocity in feet per second by plugging in the muzzle energy and pellet weight values.

With this information, airgun enthusiasts can make more informed decisions about pellets to use on their airguns, and they can also fine-tune their airgun to achieve the desired pellet velocity. For airgun enthusiasts who would like to improve their shooting accuracy and maximize the performance of their airgun, the Pellet Velocity Calculator is an excellent tool.

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