Pebble Coverage Calculator



The Pebble Coverage Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone embarking on a landscaping project that involves the use of pebbles. Whether you’re designing a picturesque garden or creating a stunning pathway, this calculator simplifies the process of estimating the quantity of pebbles required to cover a specific area.


The Pebble Coverage Calculator employs a straightforward formula:

Pebble Quantity (PQ) = Area (A) x Depth (D) / Coverage (C)


  • PQ represents the quantity of pebbles required.
  • A stands for the area to be covered in square feet or square meters.
  • D is the desired depth of pebble coverage in inches or centimeters.
  • C denotes the coverage rate of the pebbles, typically provided by the supplier.

How to Use?

Using the Pebble Coverage Calculator is a breeze:

  1. Gather Information: Determine the area you want to cover (A), the desired depth of pebble coverage (D), and the coverage rate of the pebbles (C) from your supplier.
  2. Apply the Formula: Plug these values into the formula: PQ = A x D / C.
  3. Calculate: Input the values and let the calculator do the math for you.
  4. Order Pebbles: Once you have the result (PQ), you can confidently order the quantity of pebbles you need for your landscaping project.


Let’s illustrate how to use the Pebble Coverage Calculator with a practical example:

Suppose you have a garden area that measures 300 square feet (A) and you want to cover it with pebbles to a depth of 2 inches (D). The pebbles you plan to use have a coverage rate (C) of 12 square feet per bag. Using the formula:

PQ = A x D / C

PQ = 300 sq ft x 2 inches / 12 sq ft/bag

Now, calculate PQ:

PQ = 600 / 12 = 50 bags of pebbles

So, you would need to order 50 bags of pebbles to adequately cover your garden area.


Q1: Can I use this calculator for other landscaping materials? A1: While the calculator is designed for pebbles, the same principles can be applied to estimate the quantity of other materials like mulch or gravel. You would need to know the coverage rate of the specific material you plan to use.

Q2: Should I round up the quantity of pebbles calculated? A2: It’s advisable to round up to the nearest whole number to ensure you have enough pebbles for your project. It’s better to have a little extra than to run out mid-project.

Q3: Can I change the depth of pebble coverage during my project? A3: You can adjust the depth to meet your design preferences, but keep in mind that altering the depth will affect the quantity of pebbles needed. Recalculate as needed.


The Pebble Coverage Calculator simplifies the planning process for landscaping projects involving pebbles. By understanding the formula, how to use it, and the importance of precise calculations, you can ensure that you order the right amount of pebbles for your project. This tool not only saves you time and effort but also helps you achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor spaces. So, whether you’re revamping your garden or enhancing your walkways, the Pebble Coverage Calculator is your trusted companion for a successful landscaping endeavor.

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