Overturning Moment Calculator


About Overturning Moment Calculator (Formula)

The Overturning Moment Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the overturning moment based on the provided righting moment. The overturning moment is an important parameter used in various engineering and structural analysis applications to assess the stability of structures or objects.

The formula used to calculate the overturning moment is:

Overturning Moment (OM) = Righting Moment (RM) / 1.5


  • OM represents the overturning moment.
  • RM denotes the righting moment.

The righting moment is a measure of the force or moment that acts to restore an object or structure to its stable equilibrium position after being subjected to external forces or disturbances. By dividing the righting moment by a factor of 1.5, the calculator provides an estimate of the overturning moment.

To use the Overturning Moment Calculator, you need to input the value of the righting moment into the designated field. The righting moment typically depends on various factors such as the geometry, weight distribution, and stability characteristics of the object or structure.

Once you have entered the righting moment value, the calculator applies the formula to calculate the overturning moment. The result is displayed, representing the estimated magnitude of the overturning moment. This value can be used in further analyses or design considerations to ensure the stability and safety of the object or structure under consideration.

The Overturning Moment Calculator serves as a useful tool for engineers, architects, and researchers involved in fields such as structural engineering, construction, and marine engineering. By determining the overturning moment, they can assess the potential for stability issues and make informed decisions regarding structural design, material selection, and support systems.

It’s important to note that the calculator provides a basic estimation of the overturning moment and assumes certain assumptions or simplifications. The actual overturning moment may depend on additional factors and considerations specific to the application or project at hand. Therefore, the calculator serves as a starting point for analysis and should be used in conjunction with comprehensive engineering evaluations and professional judgment.

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