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About Overtime Calculator (Formula)

Overtime pay is the additional amount of compensation paid to an employee who has worked more than the regular working hours. The calculation of overtime pay is based on the number of hours worked in excess of the regular working hours and the overtime pay rate.

The formula to calculate the total overtime pay is:

Total overtime pay = (overtime hours) x (overtime pay rate) x (overtime pay multiplier)

where the overtime pay multiplier is usually 1.5 times the regular pay rate.

To calculate the total pay including overtime pay, the regular pay and total overtime pay are added together:

Total pay = regular pay + total overtime pay

The regular pay is calculated as:

Total regular pay = (regular work hours) x (regular pay rate)

where the regular work hours are the normal or standard working hours of an employee in a pay period.

It is important to note that some jurisdictions may have different overtime pay rates or pay multipliers, so it is important to consult with local labor laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

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