Opportunity Cost Calculator


About Opportunity Cost Calculator (Formula)

The Opportunity Cost Calculator is a tool used to quantify the potential value lost when choosing one option over another. Opportunity cost refers to the benefits or value that could have been gained from choosing an alternative course of action. The formula for calculating opportunity cost is as follows:

Opportunity Cost = Expected Return of Best Foregone Option – Expected Return of Chosen Option


  • Opportunity Cost: The value or benefit that is sacrificed by choosing one option over another.
  • Expected Return of Best Foregone Option: The potential gain or benefit from the next best alternative that was not chosen.
  • Expected Return of Chosen Option: The actual gain or benefit from the option that was selected.

Opportunity cost is a concept used in economics and decision-making to evaluate the trade-offs involved in making choices. It helps individuals and businesses assess the benefits and drawbacks of different decisions and consider the value of what is given up when selecting a particular option.

This calculation is crucial for making informed choices that involve multiple alternatives, such as investing in different projects, allocating resources, or selecting between job opportunities. By understanding opportunity costs, decision-makers can optimize resource allocation and prioritize options that yield the highest returns.

Using the Opportunity Cost Calculator facilitates the process of evaluating alternative choices and helps individuals and businesses make more informed decisions that align with their goals and objectives.

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