One Time Extra Payment Calculator



Calculating one-time extra payments can be a crucial aspect of financial planning, whether you’re dealing with loans, mortgages, or investments. To streamline this process, a dedicated calculator can prove invaluable. In this article, we’ll guide you through creating a simple yet powerful One Time Extra Payment Calculator using HTML and JavaScript.

How to Use

This calculator is designed to help you determine the impact of a one-time extra payment on your financial obligations. Enter the required details, click the “Calculate” button, and get instant insights into potential savings.


The formula for calculating the new payment schedule after a one-time extra payment is as follows:


  • is the principal amount.
  • is the annual interest rate (in decimal form).
  • is the number of times that interest is compounded per unit (usually years).
  • is the time the money is invested or borrowed for.
  • is the one-time additional amount.


Suppose you have a loan of $100,000 with an annual interest rate of 5%, compounded monthly for 30 years. If you make a one-time extra payment of $5,000, this calculator will provide the revised payment schedule.


Q: How accurate is this calculator?

A: The calculator employs the standard formula for loan repayment calculations, ensuring accuracy in its results.

Q: Can I use this for mortgages or investments?

A: Yes, the calculator is versatile and can be used for various financial scenarios involving one-time extra payments.

Q: Is the extra payment deducted immediately from the principal?

A: Yes, the extra payment is factored into the revised payment schedule from the outset.


The One Time Extra Payment Calculator simplifies complex financial calculations, providing a quick and accurate way to assess the impact of additional payments. Whether you’re managing loans or planning investments, this tool can be a valuable asset in optimizing your financial strategy.

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