Nickel Weight Calculator


About Nickel Weight Calculator (Formula)

The Nickel Weight Calculator is a tool used to calculate the weight of a nickel-based material based on its shape and dimensions. Nickel-based materials are commonly used in various industrial applications due to their excellent resistance to corrosion, high-temperature performance, and strength.

The weight calculation for different shapes of nickel-based materials can be done using the following formulas:

  1. For a Flat Sheet/Square Bar: weight = length x width x height x density
  2. For a Round Hollow Tube: weight = [π/4 x (OD^2 – ID^2) x L] x density
  3. For a Square Angle: weight = base x height x thickness x density
  4. For a Round Bar: weight = [π/4 x (D^2) x L] x density
  5. For a C Channel: weight = base x height x thickness x length x density
  6. For a Square Hollow Tube: weight = [(OW x OH) – (IW x IH)] x length x density
  7. For a T Bar: weight = [(base x height x thickness) + (stem width x height x stem thickness)] x length x density

In these formulas, OD represents the outer diameter of the tube, ID represents the inner diameter of the tube, D represents the diameter of the round bar, OW represents the outer width of the square tube, OH represents the outer height of the square tube, IW represents the inner width of the square tube, IH represents the inner height of the square tube, base represents the base of the square angle or T bar, height represents the height of the shape, thickness represents the thickness of the material, L represents the length of the shape, and density represents the density of the material.

By inputting the appropriate dimensions and material density into the Nickel Weight Calculator, the weight of a specific nickel-based material can be quickly and accurately determined.

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