Multiplying Fractions Calculator


About Multiplying Fractions Calculator (Formula)

The Multiplying Fractions Calculator is a tool used to calculate the product of two or more fractions. It employs the following formula:

To multiply two fractions, you multiply the numerators together and the denominators together. The result is a new fraction with the multiplied numerators as the numerator and the multiplied denominators as the denominator. To simplify the resulting fraction, you can find the greatest common divisor (GCD) of the numerator and denominator and divide both by it.

For example, if we have fractions A/B, C/D, and E/F, the formula for multiplying them would be:

Result = (A * C * E) / (B * D * F)

After calculating the product, you can simplify the resulting fraction by finding the GCD of the numerator and denominator and dividing both by it.

The Multiplying Fractions Calculator provides a convenient way to perform these calculations and obtain the simplified product of the fractions.

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