Mm to Degree Calculator


About Mm to Degree Calculator (Formula)

The MM to Degree Calculator is a tool used to convert linear deflection in millimeters (mm) to degrees.

This calculator applies the following formula:

Degrees = asin(Linear Deflection / Control Surface Width) * (180 / π)

In this formula:

  • Degrees represent the resulting angle in degrees.
  • Linear Deflection refers to the linear displacement or deflection in millimeters.
  • Control Surface Width represents the width of the control surface or the object under consideration.

By entering the values of linear deflection and control surface width into the MM to Degree Calculator, the corresponding angle in degrees can be calculated.

The formula utilizes the inverse sine function (asin) to calculate the angle in radians, and then converts it to degrees by multiplying with (180 / π) – the conversion factor from radians to degrees.

It is important to note that this calculation assumes a linear relationship between the linear deflection and the resulting angle. The specific use case and the underlying physical principles should be considered when applying this conversion.

The MM to Degree Calculator simplifies the process of converting linear deflection in millimeters to degrees, providing a quick estimation based on the input values. However, it is essential to validate the results and consider the context of the application, as well as any additional factors or limitations that may affect the accuracy of the conversion.

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