Midface Ratio Calculator


About Midface Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The Midface Ratio Calculator is a tool used in the field of plastic surgery to evaluate the aesthetic balance of a person’s face. It is based on the midface ratio, which is the ratio of the interpupillary distance to the distance from the pupil center to the top of the lip. The midface ratio is often used to assess the degree of midface hypoplasia, which is a condition where the middle part of the face is underdeveloped.

The formula for calculating the midface ratio is as follows:

Midface Ratio = Interpupillary Distance / Distance from Pupil Center to Top of the Lip

The Interpupillary Distance (ID) is the distance between the centers of the pupils of the eyes, measured in inches or centimeters. The Distance from Pupil Center to Top of the Lip (DL) is the vertical distance between the center of the pupil and the highest point of the upper lip, measured in inches or centimeters.

To use the Midface Ratio Calculator, the user simply needs to input the values for the Interpupillary Distance and Distance from Pupil Center to Top of the Lip in the provided fields, and then click the “Calculate Midface Ratio” button. The calculator then computes the midface ratio and displays the result in the output field.

The midface ratio can be used as a tool to evaluate the degree of facial symmetry and proportion, which are important factors in facial aesthetics. In particular, a midface ratio of around 1.6 is considered to be an ideal proportion for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing face. However, it’s important to note that the midface ratio is just one of many factors that can influence facial aesthetics, and that a person’s individual preferences and cultural norms may also play a role in determining what is considered to be an attractive face.

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