Load Torque Calculator


About Load Torque Calculator (Formula)

The Load Torque Calculator is a tool designed to determine the load torque in a mechanical system based on the maximum load applied to a pulley and the radius of the pulley. Load torque is an important parameter in various mechanical applications, particularly in power transmission and rotational motion systems.

The formula used in the Load Torque Calculator is:

LT = ML * RP


  • LT represents the Load Torque in Newton-meters (Nm).
  • ML refers to the maximum load on the pulley in Newtons (N).
  • RP denotes the radius of the pulley in meters (m).

To calculate the load torque, the maximum load applied to the pulley is multiplied by the radius of the pulley. This formula assumes that the load is applied tangentially to the pulley, and there is no slippage between the pulley and the load.

The load torque is a crucial parameter in mechanical systems as it determines the rotational force required to move or overcome the load. It is particularly useful in applications such as belt drives, gear systems, and pulley arrangements.

By using the Load Torque Calculator, engineers and designers can quickly determine the load torque based on the given maximum load and pulley radius. This information helps in selecting appropriate motors, sizing power transmission components, and ensuring the mechanical system operates within its design limits.

The Load Torque Calculator simplifies the process of calculating load torque, providing engineers and technicians with a convenient tool to estimate the torque requirements for their mechanical systems.

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