Liquid Limit Calculator


About Liquid Limit Calculator (Formula)

A Liquid Limit Calculator is a tool used to determine the Liquid Limit (LL) of soil. The Liquid Limit is a measure of the consistency of soil and is defined as the moisture content at which a soil changes from a plastic state to a liquid state under the application of a standard number of blows in a standard liquid limit apparatus.

The formula for calculating the Liquid Limit is simple:

LL = PL – PI


  • PL is the Plastic Limit
  • PI is the Plasticity Index

The Plastic Limit is the water content at which a soil changes from a plastic state to a semi-solid state, while the Plasticity Index is the difference between the Liquid Limit and the Plastic Limit.

To use a Liquid Limit Calculator, you simply need to input the Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index values into the appropriate fields, and then click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will automatically perform the calculation and display the Liquid Limit value.

The Liquid Limit is an important property of soil, since it affects the behavior of the soil under different conditions, including during construction, excavation, and natural processes like erosion. To ensure safety and stability of the soil, engineers and construction professionals must be aware of its Liquid Limit.

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