Linear Flow Rate Calculator


About Linear Flow Rate Calculator (Formula)

The Linear Flow Rate Calculator is a tool used to calculate the rate at which a fluid flows through a pipe or channel. Linear flow rate, also known as volumetric flow rate, is the volume of fluid passing through a specific cross-sectional area per unit of time. The formula for calculating linear flow rate is as follows:

Linear Flow Rate = Flow Volume / Time


  • Linear Flow Rate: The rate at which the fluid flows through the pipe or channel, usually measured in cubic meters per second (m³/s) or other relevant units.
  • Flow Volume: The volume of fluid that passes through the cross-sectional area of the pipe or channel.
  • Time: The duration for which the flow is measured, usually measured in seconds (s).

This calculation is fundamental in fluid dynamics, engineering, and various industries where the rate of fluid flow needs to be determined. It’s used in designing pipelines, water distribution systems, and hydraulic systems, among other applications.

The Linear Flow Rate Calculator simplifies the process of determining fluid flow rates, helping engineers and professionals accurately design and optimize fluid systems to meet specific requirements.

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