Linear Density Calculator


About Linear Density Calculator (Formula)

Linear density is a physical quantity that describes the amount of mass per unit length of an object. It is commonly used in materials science and engineering to characterize the properties of fibers, wires, and other linear objects.

The formula for linear density is:

Ld = M / L


  • Ld is the linear density (in units of mass per unit length, such as g/m or kg/m)
  • M is the mass of the object (in units of mass, such as grams or kilograms)
  • L is the length of the object (in units of length, such as meters or centimeters)

For calculating linear density, you need only two measurements – the mass and the length of an object. By knowing the linear density, it is possible to calculate other properties of the object, including the cross-sectional area, tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity.

In addition to being widely available online, linear density calculators can be useful tools for scientists, engineers, and students. By using the formula above, these calculators calculate linear density by taking input values for mass and length. Furthermore, these calculators may include additional features such as converting units or saving and printing calculations.

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