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About Inductor Power Loss Calculator (Formula)

An inductor is a passive electronic component that stores energy in a magnetic field when an electric current flows through it. In practice, inductors can dissipate power due to various forms of loss, such as core losses, DC resistance losses, and AC resistance losses.

The total power loss in an inductor can be calculated using the formula:

PiL = Pcore + Pdcr + Pacr

where PiL is the total inductor power loss in watts, Pcore is the power loss due to magnetic core losses in watts, Pdcr is the power loss due to DC resistance losses in watts, and Pacr is the power loss due to AC resistance losses in watts.

The core losses in an inductor are due to the hysteresis and eddy current losses that occur in the magnetic core material as it undergoes repeated magnetization and demagnetization cycles. DC resistance losses are caused by the resistance of the wire used to wind the inductor, which generates heat due to the flow of DC current. AC resistance losses occur when the inductor is subject to AC current, which generates eddy currents that cause heat to be dissipated in the wire.

The Inductor Power Loss Calculator is a tool that allows users to calculate the total power loss in an inductor by inputting the values of Pcore, Pdcr, and Pacr. The calculator uses the above formula to compute the total power loss, which can be useful in determining the efficiency and operating temperature of the inductor.

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