Indicated Power Calculator


About Indicated Power Calculator (Formula)

The Indicated Power Calculator is a tool used in engineering and automotive fields to calculate the power output of an engine based on its physical characteristics and operating conditions. The Indicated Power represents the amount of work performed by the engine during the combustion process, without taking into account any losses or inefficiencies.

The formula for calculating Indicated Power is:

IP = 100 * k * p * L * A * n / 60


  • IP = Indicated Power in kW
  • k = Constant (1.1 for 4-stroke engines, 1.5 for 2-stroke engines)
  • p = Effective Pressure in bar
  • L = Stroke Length in meters
  • A = Piston Area in square meters
  • n = Rotational Speed in RPM

The Indicated Power formula takes into account the number of cylinders, effective pressure, stroke length, piston area, and rotational speed of the engine. It assumes that the combustion process is ideal and does not take into account any energy losses or inefficiencies that occur during the process.

The Indicated Power Calculator is a useful tool for engineers and mechanics to estimate the power output of an engine, and to optimize its design and performance.

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