I E Ratio Calculator


About I E Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The I:E Ratio Calculator is a tool used in the field of respiratory therapy to calculate the ratio of the total inspiratory time (IT) to the total expiratory time (ET) during mechanical ventilation. This ratio is known as the I:E Ratio.

The I:E Ratio is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of mechanical ventilation and is often used to guide the adjustment of ventilator settings. A low I:E Ratio (i.e., a short inspiratory time compared to the expiratory time) can lead to incomplete gas exchange and poor oxygenation, while a high I:E Ratio (i.e., a long inspiratory time compared to the expiratory time) can lead to overdistension of the lungs and other complications.

The formula for calculating the I:E Ratio is simple:

I:E Ratio = IT/ET

where IT is the total inspiratory time and ET is the total expiratory time. The resulting ratio is a decimal value that represents the length of the inspiratory phase relative to the expiratory phase of each breath. In mechanical ventilation, the I:E Ratio is typically set by adjusting the inspiratory time and the expiratory time on the ventilator.

An I:E Ratio Calculator can be a useful tool for respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals involved in mechanical ventilation to quickly and accurately determine the I:E Ratio and adjust ventilator settings as needed. The calculator can help to optimize gas exchange, improve oxygenation, and prevent complications associated with mechanical ventilation.

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