Hydrofoil Lift Calculator


About Hydrofoil Lift Calculator (Formula)

The Hydrofoil Lift Calculator is a tool used to estimate the lift force generated by a hydrofoil. It helps in predicting the hydrodynamic performance and stability of hydrofoil designs by considering factors such as foil shape, angle of attack, fluid properties, and hydrofoil dimensions.

The lift force generated by a hydrofoil can be calculated using the following formula:

Lift Force = 0.5 * Fluid Density * Velocity^2 * Hydrofoil Area * Lift Coefficient

Let’s break down each component of the formula:

  1. Lift Force: This represents the force generated by the hydrofoil perpendicular to the fluid flow, typically measured in units like newtons (N) or pounds (lb).
  2. Fluid Density: This refers to the density of the fluid in which the hydrofoil operates, such as water or air. It is typically measured in units like kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m^3) or pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft^3).
  3. Velocity: This represents the relative velocity between the hydrofoil and the fluid, typically measured in units like meters per second (m/s) or feet per second (ft/s).
  4. Hydrofoil Area: This is the planform area of the hydrofoil, which is the projected area of the foil perpendicular to the fluid flow. It is typically measured in units like square meters (m^2) or square feet (ft^2).
  5. Lift Coefficient: This factor represents the dimensionless lift coefficient of the hydrofoil, which is determined by the hydrofoil’s shape, angle of attack, and other design characteristics. It characterizes the lift generation capability of the hydrofoil.

By multiplying the fluid density by half, the velocity squared, the hydrofoil area, and the lift coefficient, you can calculate the lift force generated by the hydrofoil.

It’s important to note that this formula provides an estimation, and the lift coefficient can vary based on various factors and hydrofoil design considerations. Additionally, hydrodynamics simulations, wind tunnel tests, or empirical data may be necessary for accurate lift force calculations in specific hydrofoil applications. Therefore, consulting with experts in hydrofoil design or using specialized software tools is recommended for precise calculations and optimization of hydrofoil performance.

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