Hole Size Calculator


About Hole Size Calculator (Formula)

The Hole Size Calculator is a tool used to determine the size of a hole based on the hole radius and hole depth. The hole size represents the volume of the cylindrical hole.

The formula used in the Hole Size Calculator is as follows:

Hole Size (HS) = π * hole radius² * hole depth

In this formula:

  • Hole Radius represents the radius of the hole, typically measured in feet (ft).
  • Hole Depth refers to the depth or length of the hole, also measured in feet (ft).
  • π (Pi) is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14159.

By inputting the values of the hole radius and hole depth into the Hole Size Calculator, users can calculate the size of the hole. This calculator is commonly used in construction, engineering, and geology, where determining the volume or capacity of a hole is essential for various purposes such as excavation, drilling, or fluid storage.

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