Heat Recovery Calculator

Heat Recovery (BTU/h):


About Heat Recovery Calculator (Formula)

With the Heat Recovery Calculator, you can estimate the amount of heat that can be recovered from a ventilation system.

This calculator utilizes the following formula:

HR = 1.08 * Q * dT * E / 100

Here, HR represents the heat recovery in BTU/h (British Thermal Units per hour), Q represents the airflow rate in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), dT represents the temperature difference between the air before and after recovery in Fahrenheit, and E represents the heat recovery efficiency in percentage.

Based on the airflow rate, temperature difference, and heat recovery efficiency, the formula calculates the amount of heat that can be recovered and multiplies the result by 1.08 to get the specific heat of air, which is the heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of air by one degree Fahrenheit.

You can use this calculator to determine the potential energy savings of a heat recovery system and to make informed decisions regarding its design and implementation. As a result, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, resulting in significant savings and environmental benefits.

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