Heat of Hydration Calculator

About Heat of Hydration Calculator (Formula)

The Heat of Hydration Calculator is a tool used to calculate the heat of hydration for a chemical substance. The heat of hydration refers to the heat released or absorbed when a substance undergoes hydration, which is the process of combining with water molecules.

The formula used to calculate the heat of hydration is as follows:

Hhyd = Hs – Hle


  • Hhyd is the heat of hydration
  • Hs is the heat of solution
  • Hle is the heat of lattice energy

The formula subtracts the heat of lattice energy from the heat of solution to determine the heat of hydration. The heat of solution represents the energy change when a substance dissolves in water, while the heat of lattice energy represents the energy required to break the ionic bonds within the crystal lattice structure of the substance.

By inputting the values of the heat of solution and heat of lattice energy into the calculator, the user can obtain the calculated heat of hydration. The heat of hydration provides valuable information about the energetics of a chemical reaction involving hydration and can be used to understand the thermal behavior of substances during hydration processes.

It’s important to note that the calculator assumes ideal conditions and does not take into account other factors that may influence the heat of hydration, such as temperature, pressure, and specific molecular interactions. Additionally, the units used for the heat of hydration calculation should be consistent, typically joules (J) or kilojoules (kJ).

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