Gross Floor Area Calculator


About Gross Floor Area Calculator (Formula)

The Gross Floor Area Calculator is a tool used to determine the total area of a building or structure, known as the gross floor area. The gross floor area represents the sum of the floor areas across all the floors of a building.

The formula used in the Gross Floor Area Calculator is as follows:

Gross Floor Area (GFA) = Average Floor Area (A) * Total Number of Floors (F)

In this formula:

  • Average Floor Area (A) refers to the average area of each floor of the building, typically measured in square units.
  • Total Number of Floors (F) represents the total count of floors in the building.

By inputting the values of the average floor area and the total number of floors into the Gross Floor Area Calculator, users can calculate the total area of the building. This calculator is commonly used in architecture, real estate, and construction industries to assess the size and capacity of a building for various purposes, such as space planning, occupancy calculations, and lease agreements.

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