Glulam Weight Calculator


About Glulam Weight Calculator (Formula)

The Glulam Weight Calculator is a convenient tool that lets you estimate the weight of a glulam beam based on its length, width and thickness. Glulam, also known as glued laminated timber, is an engineered wood product constructed from layers of timber glued together with waterproof adhesive.

When designing and constructing structures that will support the weight of a glulam beam, weight is an essential factor to take into account.

The Glulam Weight Calculator utilizes the following formula to estimate its mass:

GLW = L* W * T * 40.5782

Where GLW is the weight in pounds, L is its length in feet, W its width in feet, T its thickness in feet and 40.5782 is a constant that takes into account wood’s density.

By entering the length, width, and thickness of a glulam beam into our Glulam Weight Calculator, you can quickly and accurately determine its weight. This data helps ensure that structures are designed to support this load while using appropriate construction materials and techniques for secure installation of the beam.

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