Gate Percentile Calculator


About Gate Percentile Calculator (Formula)

A Gate Percentile Calculator is a tool used to determine the percentile score of an individual’s rank in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) examination, relative to the total number of candidates. The percentile score provides a standardized measure of performance by indicating the percentage of candidates who scored lower than a particular rank.

The formula used to calculate the Gate Percentile is:

Gate Percentile (G) = ((Total Candidates – Current Rank) / Total Candidates) * 100

In this formula, “Total Candidates” represents the total number of candidates who appeared for the GATE examination, and “Current Rank” denotes the individual’s rank.

By subtracting the current rank from the total number of candidates, dividing it by the total number of candidates, and multiplying by 100, the Gate Percentile Calculator determines the percentile score. The resulting score indicates the percentage of candidates who achieved a lower rank than the individual.

The Gate Percentile is a crucial metric used for ranking and comparison purposes in competitive exams like GATE. It helps candidates understand their relative performance and benchmark their scores against others. A higher percentile indicates a better performance in comparison to the total candidate pool.

The Gate Percentile Calculator simplifies the process of determining the percentile score, providing quick and accurate results. It enables individuals to input their current rank and the total number of candidates and obtain their corresponding percentile score. This empowers GATE aspirants to assess their performance and make informed decisions regarding further studies or career paths based on their percentile ranking.

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