Gait Velocity Calculator


About Gait Velocity Calculator (Formula)

The Gait Velocity Calculator is a valuable tool used in healthcare and biomechanics to measure the speed at which an individual walks or runs. Gait velocity is an essential parameter for assessing mobility, rehabilitation progress, and overall physical fitness. The formula to calculate gait velocity is:

Gait Velocity = Distance / Time


  • “Distance” refers to the distance covered by the individual during the gait analysis, typically measured in meters or feet.
  • “Time” represents the time taken by the individual to cover that distance, usually measured in seconds.

For instance, if a person walks a distance of 100 meters in 20 seconds, the gait velocity can be calculated as follows:

Gait Velocity = 100 meters / 20 seconds = 5 meters per second

Gait velocity calculations play a crucial role in various fields, including physical therapy, sports performance analysis, and geriatric care. By understanding an individual’s gait velocity, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions about treatment plans, rehabilitation progress, and mobility improvements. It also provides insights into a person’s functional capabilities and overall health status.

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