Fusing Transformer Calculator


About Fusing Transformer Calculator (Formula)

The Fusing Transformer Calculator is a handy tool used to estimate the overcurrent protection amps required for a transformer based on its primary current and size. Overcurrent protection helps safeguard electrical equipment in case of overload or short circuit damage to the transformer and other components.

The formula utilized by the calculator is as follows:


In this equation, FS stands for Fusing Overcurrent Protection Amps, TA is the Transformer Primary Current in Amps, and OF stands for Overcurrent Protection Factor.

The overcurrent protection factor for transformers is determined by the size. Transformers with a primary current of 9 amps or more require an overcurrent protection factor of 125%; those between 2 and 8.99 amps require 167%; finally, for those with less than 2 amps in primary current, 500% applies.

To use the Fusing Transformer Calculator, users simply enter primary current and size into provided input fields. Pressing “Calculate” then activates JavaScript function that calculates fusing overcurrent protection amps using this formula and displays the result in the output field.

The Fusing Transformer Calculator is an invaluable asset for electrical engineers, electricians, and anyone else involved in working with transformers that must guarantee they are adequately protected against overcurrent conditions. It simplifies the calculation process and helps guard against errors that could cause damage or failure of the transformer or other equipment.

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