Free Float Calculator


About Free Float Calculator (Formula)

The Free Float Calculator is a tool used to determine the amount of scheduling flexibility for tasks or activities in project management. It calculates the number of days of free float based on the early finish date (EF) and early start date (ES) of a task. The formula used to calculate the free float is:

Free Float (FF) = Early Finish (EF) – Early Start (ES)

By subtracting the early start date from the early finish date, the calculator provides the number of days available for scheduling flexibility. The free float represents the amount of time that a task can be delayed without affecting subsequent dependent tasks.

This calculator is beneficial for project managers and schedulers as it helps in identifying tasks that have flexibility in their start dates, allowing for better planning and optimization of project timelines. It enables users to assess the critical path and make informed decisions regarding task scheduling and resource allocation.

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