Fraction Subtraction Calculator


About Fraction Subtraction Calculator (Formula)

The Fraction Subtraction Calculator is a tool used to subtract fractions and calculate the result. It aids individuals in performing arithmetic operations with fractions. The formula for subtracting fractions involves finding a common denominator and subtracting the numerators.

Formula for subtracting fractions:

a/b – c/d = (ad – bc) / bd

In this formula, “a” and “c” represent the numerators of the fractions, while “b” and “d” represent the denominators. Subtracting the product of the numerators by the denominators and putting the result over the product of the denominators provides the subtraction result.

For example, let’s consider subtracting 1/4 from 3/8. The calculation would be as follows:

3/8 – 1/4 = (34 – 18) / (8*4) = 12/32 – 8/32 = 4/32 = 1/8

This means that the subtraction of 1/4 from 3/8 results in 1/8.

The Fraction Subtraction Calculator simplifies the process of subtracting fractions, aiding in mathematical calculations and problem-solving. By inputting the fractions to be subtracted, the calculator quickly provides the subtraction result, allowing individuals to perform fraction subtraction accurately and efficiently.

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