Force to Velocity Calculator


About Force to Velocity Calculator (Formula)

The Force to Velocity Calculator is a tool designed to determine the velocity of an object based on applied force, its mass, and time.

The formula utilized in the calculator is as follows:

V = F/(m*t)

Where V is the velocity in meters per second (m/s), F the force in Newtons (N), m the mass in kilograms (kg), and t is time in seconds (s).

The formula can be deduced from Newton’s second law of motion, which states that an object’s acceleration is directly proportional to its net force applied and inversely proportional to its mass. This relationship can be expressed as F = ma, where F represents net force applied, m represents mass, and a stands for acceleration.

Assuming an object starts at rest (i.e., zero velocity), we can use the formula v = at to calculate its velocity after a given time t. Here, v = Ft/m and division by t gives us V = F/(m*t), which is identical to the formula used in Newton’s second law for Force to Velocity Calculators.

The calculator can be invaluable in many situations, such as calculating the speed of a car or ball thrown by an athlete, or estimating force required to achieve certain velocity. It has also been utilized in physics experiments and engineering applications where objects need to be analyzed and predicted for motion.

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