Fluid Ratio Calculator


About Fluid Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The “Fluid Ratio” calculator is a valuable tool used to determine the ratio of different fluids or liquids that are mixed together. This calculator is commonly used in various fields, including chemistry, manufacturing, cooking, and more, where precise ratios are essential for achieving desired outcomes. The fluid ratio formula enables individuals to accurately calculate the proportion of each fluid in the mixture.

The formula for calculating the Fluid Ratio is:

Fluid Ratio = Volume of Fluid 1 / Volume of Fluid 2


  • Fluid Ratio is the proportion or ratio of the first fluid to the second fluid in the mixture.
  • Volume of Fluid 1 is the volume of the first fluid in the mixture.
  • Volume of Fluid 2 is the volume of the second fluid in the mixture.

This formula calculates the ratio between the volumes of two different fluids in a mixture. The resulting ratio provides insights into the concentration or distribution of the fluids within the mixture.

For example, if you’re mixing 200 milliliters of water with 100 milliliters of juice, the fluid ratio would be:

Fluid Ratio = 200 mL / 100 mL = 2

This means that for every 2 units of water, there is 1 unit of juice in the mixture.

The Fluid Ratio calculator is particularly useful in scenarios where precise proportions are required. In cooking, it helps chefs and bakers achieve the right consistency and flavor balance in recipes. In chemistry and manufacturing, it ensures accurate blending of substances to create desired chemical reactions or product properties.

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