Fixed Cost Calculator


About Fixed Cost Calculator (Formula)

The Fixed Cost Calculator is a tool used to compute the total fixed costs incurred by a business or project. Fixed costs are expenses that remain constant regardless of the level of production or sales. The formula for calculating fixed costs is as follows:

Fixed Costs = Total Expenses – Variable Costs


  • Fixed Costs: The total expenses that do not change with variations in production or sales.
  • Total Expenses: The overall costs incurred by the business or project, including both fixed and variable costs.
  • Variable Costs: The costs that change with changes in production or sales.

Fixed costs typically include expenses such as rent, salaries of permanent staff, insurance, and equipment depreciation. They remain consistent over a specific time period and are not influenced by the production volume or level of sales.

Using the Fixed Cost Calculator allows businesses to identify and quantify the portion of their expenses that remains constant regardless of operational changes. This information is crucial for budgeting, financial planning, and decision-making related to pricing, cost management, and profitability analysis.

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