Excavator Productivity Calculator


About Excavator Productivity Calculator (Formula)

The Excavator Productivity Calculator is a tool designed to determine the productivity of an excavator, which measures the rate at which the excavator can excavate a certain volume of material within a given time period. This calculator uses a simple formula to calculate the excavator productivity.

Formula: Excavator Productivity (EP) = Volume of Excavation (V) / Total Time (T) * 60

The formula takes into account two key factors: the total volume of excavation and the total time taken. The volume of excavation is measured in cubic feet (ft³), representing the amount of material that the excavator has removed. The total time is measured in minutes (min), indicating the duration of the excavation process.

To calculate the excavator productivity, divide the volume of excavation (V) by the total time (T) and then multiply the result by 60. This multiplication by 60 converts the productivity from ft³ per minute to ft³ per hour, providing a more practical and commonly used unit of measurement.

The excavator productivity is expressed in ft³/hr, representing the amount of material that the excavator can excavate in one hour.

By utilising the Excavator Productivity Calculator and inputting the appropriate values for volume and time, the calculator will perform the necessary calculations and provide the excavator productivity as the output.

It is important to note that this formula provides an estimation of the excavator’s productivity based on the given inputs. Other factors such as the type of material, soil conditions, operator skill, and equipment efficiency may also influence the actual productivity achieved in real-world scenarios.

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