Enlargement Ratio Calculator


About Enlargement Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The Enlargement Ratio Calculator is a tool used to calculate the enlargement ratio between two sizes, namely the final size and the initial size. The enlargement ratio indicates the percentage change or growth between these two sizes.

The formula used to calculate the enlargement ratio is as follows:

Enlargement Ratio (ER) = ((Final Size – Initial Size) / Initial Size) * 100

In this formula, the final size represents the size after the enlargement or growth, while the initial size represents the original or starting size.

To use the Enlargement Ratio Calculator, you need to input the values for the final size and the initial size. The calculator then performs the calculation by subtracting the initial size from the final size, dividing the result by the initial size, and multiplying by 100 to obtain the enlargement ratio.

The enlargement ratio provides valuable information about the extent of change or growth between two sizes. A positive enlargement ratio indicates an increase or enlargement, while a negative value suggests a decrease or reduction in size. The magnitude of the enlargement ratio represents the percentage change relative to the initial size.

The Enlargement Ratio Calculator simplifies the process of determining the enlargement ratio by automating the calculation. It allows for quick and accurate assessment of the size change or growth, making it useful in various fields such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and image processing.

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