Earned Media Value Calculator


About Earned Media Value Calculator (Formula)

An Earned Media Value Calculator is a tool used in marketing and public relations to quantify the value of media coverage and mentions that a company or brand receives through earned media channels, such as press coverage, social media mentions, and online articles. This calculation helps organizations assess the impact and return on investment (ROI) of their earned media efforts.

Formula for Earned Media Value Calculation:

The formula for calculating earned media value involves multiplying the quantity of earned media coverage (impressions, mentions, or views) by a corresponding valuation per unit. The formula is:

Earned Media Value = Quantity of Earned Media × Valuation Per Unit


  • Earned Media Value: The estimated value of the media coverage in monetary terms.
  • Quantity of Earned Media: The number of impressions, mentions, or views received through various media channels.
  • Valuation Per Unit: The assigned value for each impression, mention, or view, often based on industry standards or company metrics.


  1. PR Measurement: The calculator helps PR professionals and marketers assess the impact of their media relations efforts and justify the value of earned media coverage.
  2. ROI Analysis: Organizations use earned media value calculations to gauge the effectiveness of their media campaigns and initiatives.
  3. Budget Allocation: The calculator aids in allocating marketing budgets by quantifying the value of earned media in comparison to other marketing channels.
  4. Performance Tracking: By tracking earned media value over time, organizations can identify trends, successes, and areas for improvement in their media strategies.
  5. Stakeholder Reporting: Earned media value data is valuable for reporting to stakeholders, investors, and management to demonstrate the impact of PR and marketing efforts.

In summary, an Earned Media Value Calculator involves calculations that help quantify the monetary value of media coverage and mentions, contributing to better decision-making, PR measurement, and the assessment of marketing ROI.

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