E = mc² Calculator


About E = mc² Calculator

The E = mc² Calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the rest energy of an object based on its mass and the speed of light, using the famous mass-energy equivalence principle proposed by Albert Einstein. This calculator can be used to understand the consequences of this principle, including how a tiny mass is equivalent to a significant amount of rest energy and why mass and energy are interchangeable.

The calculator requires you to input the mass of the object in kilograms and the speed of light in meters per second. It will then calculate the rest energy of the object in joules and display the result in joules, kilojoules, and megajoules.

This calculator can be used to gain a better understanding of Einstein’s theory of relativity and its implications, including the extreme efficiency of converting mass to energy and the enormous amount of energy that can be produced from even a small amount of matter.

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