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About Dry Ice Calculator (Formula)

The Dry Ice Calculator is a tool that helps determine the amount of dry ice needed to keep items cold in a cooler. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide that is used to keep things cold as it sublimates (changes from a solid to a gas) at a temperature of -109.3°F (-78.5°C).

The formula used to calculate the amount of dry ice needed is as follows:

Di = T * 15 * CS / 75

Where: Di = Amount of dry ice needed (lbs) T = Number of days of cold needed CS = Cooler size (quarts)

The user inputs the cooler size and the number of days of cold needed, then the calculator applies the above formula to find the amount of dry ice needed.

It’s important to note that the amount of dry ice needed can vary depending on the type of cooler, the insulation properties of the cooler, and the external temperature.

It’s also important to handle dry ice with caution as it can cause injury if not handled properly.

It’s also important to check for local regulations regarding the storage and transport of dry ice.

It’s also important to note that the amount of dry ice given by the calculator is an estimate and it should be adjusted based on your own specific needs and conditions.


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