Drill Tip Length Calculator


About Drill Tip Length Calculator (Formula)

The Drill Tip Length Calculator is a tool used to estimate the length of the tip or cutting edge of a drill bit. The drill tip length is an important parameter when drilling holes as it determines the depth to which the drill can penetrate.

The formula used in the Drill Tip Length Calculator is as follows:

Drill Tip Length = (Drill Diameter / 2) / tan(Tip Angle / 2)


  • Drill Tip Length represents the estimated length of the drill tip, typically measured in inches.
  • Drill Diameter is the diameter of the drill bit specified in inches.
  • Tip Angle is the angle formed by the cutting edge of the drill bit.

To calculate the drill tip length, the drill diameter is divided by 2 to obtain the radius. The tangent of half the tip angle is then taken, and the radius is divided by this value.

By utilizing the Drill Tip Length Calculator, users can determine the appropriate length of the drill tip based on the drill diameter and tip angle. This information is particularly useful in drilling operations where precise control over hole depth is required.

Having the correct drill tip length ensures optimal drilling performance and helps prevent issues such as drill breakage or insufficient hole depth.

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