Depth of Field Calculator


About Depth of Field Calculator (Formula)

The Depth of Field Calculator is a tool used to determine the range of distance within a photograph that appears in sharp focus. It is commonly used in photography to achieve desired depth of field effects. The calculation of depth of field involves several factors, including aperture, focal length, focus distance, and camera sensor size.

Formula for calculating depth of field:

Depth of Field = (2 * N * C * S^2) / (f^2 * UF)

In this formula, “Depth of Field” represents the range of distance in sharp focus, “N” is the lens f-number (aperture), “C” is the circle of confusion (determined by sensor size and viewing conditions), “S” is the focus distance, “f” is the focal length, and “UF” is the unit of focus.

The circle of confusion is a subjective measure of how much blur is acceptable in an image. It depends on factors such as the size of the final print, viewing distance, and the sharpness perception of the viewer.

It’s important to note that the exact formula and its variables can vary depending on the specific depth of field calculator or formula used. Different calculators may take additional factors into account, such as sensor crop factor or lens characteristics.

The Depth of Field Calculator simplifies the process of determining the depth of field for a given combination of camera settings, aiding photographers in achieving desired focus effects. By inputting the relevant parameters, such as aperture, focal length, focus distance, and sensor size, the calculator quickly provides an estimation of the depth of field, allowing photographers to make informed decisions and control the focus in their images.

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