Depreciable Cost Calculator


About Depreciable Cost Calculator (Formula)

The Depreciable Cost Calculator is a tool used to determine the depreciable cost of an asset. Depreciable cost refers to the portion of the original cost of an asset that is subject to depreciation over its useful life.

The formula used in the Depreciable Cost Calculator is as follows:

Depreciable Cost = Original Cost – Salvage Value


  • Depreciable Cost represents the amount that can be depreciated over the useful life of the asset.
  • Original Cost is the initial cost or purchase price of the asset.
  • Salvage Value refers to the estimated value of the asset at the end of its useful life, commonly referred to as the residual value.

By subtracting the salvage value from the original cost, the depreciable cost is determined. The depreciable cost is the amount that will be allocated as depreciation expense over the useful life of the asset.

The Depreciable Cost Calculator allows users to input the original cost and salvage value of an asset and provides the resulting depreciable cost. This information is important for financial analysis, tax purposes, and asset management, as it helps determine the value of depreciation deductions and the net book value of the asset over time.

Utilizing the Depreciable Cost Calculator simplifies the process of calculating the depreciable cost, providing accurate and consistent results for proper financial planning and reporting.

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